Great stories about good people caught in difficult situations.

Happy Birthday, Denver Cereal! We're celebrating with Delphie's bad casserole contest!

Suffer a Witch

Do Not Miss Out

“I could not put any of the books down and read through the series in three days. Do not miss out on this fantastic authors ingenious imagination.”

I think you’ll love it

“Love this author’s books and this leaves nothing lacking in any way. I feel it’s a must if you’re as much a Claudia Hall Christian fan as I am. If you aren’t you will be.”

Another Masterpiece

“The story flows so effortlessly and is written so well the only disappointment is when you reach the last page! CHC once again delivered!”

“The books are well written, have multiple, easy to follow storylines- I highly recommend them!” - G. OLIVER

Great read!

“Funny, insightful, and charming. These books are great.”

“I love reading her books/weekly series. I can’t wait to Sunday morning to be able to print off the next chapter in the is great series. I curl up with a cup of hot tea and enjoy a good read.” - Nancy

“Just finished reading all 5 books. They are amazing. You depict a women who is both strong, powerful, intelligent and at the top of her field, but she is also a loving wife, daughter, friend, mother and vulnerable.” C.D.

“Lots of thrills, steamy romance, and a sprinkling of mystery. Great page-turner!” AM

Did it again

“This is an incredible series written with such amazing characters and it is just so wonderfully written that you can’t help laughing when they are happy, crying when they are sad and rooting for them during the whole series.”

“I have just finished reading all the Alex Fey books to date and they were fantastic.” Carol K. in Spain

Another Great Book

“It sucked me in at the first book and has kept me smiling, laughing, crying and cheering through the whole series.”

“A little bit of everything for everyone, ‘The Fey’ is a quick read, intriguing from the start.. Before you know it, you will be reading the last scene … and you will be left wanting more, but feeling satisfied all the same.” AW

“I love your books, they are fantastic! I don’t put the book down until its finished. My mom is the same way.” A.C., Henderson, NV

“I absolutely have fallen in love with the ‘Denver cereal’ series. The people Claudia created are the very kind that i wish i could belong in.” KT Cleveland, GA


“They say that good things come to those who wait - and this was certainly worth the wait. This newest book in the FEY series is just as great as the previous books.”

Each book in this series is great on its own, but taken together

“Each book in this series is great on its own, but taken together they are OUTSTANDING! If you want to read a series that contains a strong female lead; strong family and friendship values; fascinating plot lines; then please read this series.”

“The Fey books are mysteries, suspense, spy and a little supernatural mixed. They will have you hanging on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next.” T.W. in Tennessee

The Fey

“The Fey is a non-stop adventure ride that hits the ground running and never slows down. It leaves you gasping for breath when you turn that last page, and waiting for more.” - DR

“You’ll be hooked and glad you are. The characters are fascinating in their complexity. Claudia paints a picture that fills your mind as you read.” - PW

“All I can say is that each and every book is a pure delight to read.” - TG

In the Grey: Alex the Fey, Volume 5 (Alex the Fey Thrillers)

In The Grey by the fabulous author Claudia Hall Christian is a must have book! It continues the story of Alex the Fey and her team of extraordinary soldiers and a family unit that keeps you wanting more….and more!” Cynseer Booklover

Alex the Fey

The Alex the Fey thriller series is a tense, dangerous adventure with heart pounding relationships you will never forget. If you love a strong female character caught in suspenseful mystery with plenty of action, you will not be disappointed.
Visit Alex the Fey

Denver Cereal

Denver Cereal is a sweet and crunchy ride through urban life. Set in Uptown, Denver, Colorado, the Denver Cereal is a traditional serial fiction and is published as it’s written.
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Queen of Cool

The Queen of Cool is an intense mystery filled with insurmountable odds, covert government operations, and toxic weapons, where a courageous heroine risks it all in the name of love. Set against the backdrop of Fort Worth, Texas, the Queen of Cool was originally published as a serial fiction.
Visit Queen of Cool

Seth and Ava Mysteries

The Seth and Ava Mysteries feature Seth O’Malley, a piano prodigy and retire police detective, and Ava, a talented forensic scientist, as they unravel complicated mysteries set against the landscape of the Western United States.
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Alex Extras, Flash Stories, and Song Stories

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Jun 12, 2014 - Happy Birthday, Denver Cereal! We're celebrating with Delphie's bad casserole contest!

May 14, 2014 - Coming Soon! Suffer a Witch, a new serial fiction from Claudia Hall Christian

Dec 11, 2013 - Win a signed paperback copy of The Fey! :)

Jul 12, 2013 - Silt, Denver Cereal Volume 8, is now available!

Jun 12, 2013 - Happy 5th Birthday, Denver Cereal!

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