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The site contains more than a million words of compelling, addicting fiction. It is one of the largest websites dedicated to fiction on the Internet. There are consistently over

8,000 users on the site every year from all over the world. Users tend to stay for more than thirty minutes at a time. The immense popularity of the site creates a host of expensive problems including the need for specialized servers, unique programming solutions, and employees to keep an eye on everything.

Certainly, advertisers are interested in placing ads on the site. They are more interested placing their products within the stories as subtle advertisements. For example, Alex drinks X brand of coffee or Jill uses Y brand of cologne. This type of product placement is common in television shows and in many New York publishing house bestsellers. Claudia, however, has refused to use this subtle form of advertising within her stories.

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4. In school college? Taking night classes? Talk to your teacher about using The Fey, an Alex the Fey thriller, to help students understand PTSD. Discuss serial fiction with your teacher and encourage them to host Claudia in class to discuss about her modern experiences with the genre.

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Why is Stories by Claudia available for free?

“After my car accident, I found your stories on one dark night.” RK

“Alex and the Fey books gave my wife a better understanding of my PTSD and probably saved my marriage.” BY

“Your stories helped me when I was having a tough time in life.” VZ

“I don’t think I could have gotten through chemo without your books.” TP

Claudia receives emails like these every week. We live in a time of vast change. Many people need support and encouragement. Claudia’s stories remind people they are strong. They teach people essential skills they may have never learned. They encourage people to get back to goals.

Claudia and the team at Cook Street Publishing believe that these inspiring stories should be available to people when they need it, not when they can afford it. No matter who you are or where you live, you should have the chance to read stories which inspire you to be the best you possible.

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