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Denver Cereal Series

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Denver Cereal is a sweet and crunchy ride through urban life. Set in Uptown, Denver, Colorado, the Denver Cereal is a traditional serial fiction and is published as it’s written.

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The Denver Cereal Cover

The Denver Cereal

Invited to her ex-husband’s engagement party, Jillian Roper shows up in thigh high leather boots. Crunchy, sweet and addicting, Denver Cereal is a serial fiction rooted in Uptown Denver, Colorado.

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Celia's Puppies Cover

Celia's Puppies

Over the course of her life, Celia gathered those who needed her special brand of love. Now, nine years after her death, Celia’s puppies must face themselves and their lives.

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Cascade Cover


As peace settles on the Castle, darkness looms on the horizon and the pain of former lives threatens to destroy the here and now. Cascade is the third Volume of Denver Cereal.

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Cimarron Cover


It’s pay the piper time in Denver Cereal as the trauma and strife of the last few months must be reckoned with. Everyone faces the repercussions of their actions to fight their way through the problems to become a family. And just in time! Jacob finds the children’s remains under the Castle and a murder mystery begins to unfold.

Come along for the sweet and crunchy ride that is Denver Cereal.

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Black Forest Cover

Black Forest

Skeletons entwined in the chapel and a simple admission, “I have this same Saint Jude pendant,” send the Denver Cereal into the wild pursuit of the child killer, Saint Jude. Danger lurks and evil’s host threatens to destroy the lives of those we love. Denver Cereal characters are stretched to their limits as they fight to stop Saint Jude’s rampage against Denver’s children.

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Fairplay Cover


Why is life so unfair?
Charlie’s question permeates the Denver Cereal. Through their individual losses, the friends and family embrace the wealth and power available within their circle. In the end, Charlie’s pursuit of life’s fairness carries the Denver Cereal back into the grace and bounty of present life.
Come along for the sweet and crunchy ride that is Denver Cereal!

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Gold Hill Cover

Gold Hill

Tanesha’s plans are shaken when true love returns with a truck load of baggage in the form of Jeraine Wilson. A world famous pop star and ladies’ man, Jeraine pits his self-indulgence against his love for Tanesha. The sparks from their struggle ignite a firestorm. In the end, the sediment of the past is swept away to reveal the truth that love is more precious than gold.

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Silt Cover


Dating Tink dumps Charlie right in the middle of a ring of high school rapists brutalizing his school. Charlie uses his past as a street kid to take on the rape ring with the help of his family and friends. Looking for solace, Jacob discovers that the gang rapists plan on letting Noelle take the brunt of their rage at Charlie. In the dramatic conclusion, Jacob takes on the rapists to save Noelle.

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Larkspur Cover


Larkspur is an action packed ride through ancient myth and present day madness giving rise to the wild mix of delightful characters and loving friends that can only be the Denver Cereal.

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Firestone Cover


Ending a curse and saving the fairy world is fun, but at some point you have to do the laundry. Returning to their overwhelming lives, the Denver Cereal characters must face some of their greatest difficulties. In Firestone, our beloved Denver Cereal characters face their challenges with their usual grace, laughter, and loving support for each other.

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Fort Lupton Cover

Fort Lupton

Only the smallest, least threatening among us can bring down an entire empire.

What would you do? The children you love have been attacked at by hitmen in a never-ending threat them from testifying about multiple violent rapes. The bravest and strongest people you know have been lost into the mystical “Sea of Amber.” And your precious brother is beaten nearly to death.

The softest push from a friend sends Sandy looking for the man behind the scenes. Who paid for the websites that sold video uploads of the rapes? Who was financing these attacks on children? Better yet, who profited from these violent sexual assaults? When Sandy finds him, Yvonne and Dionne launch a breathtaking adventure to destroy his empire.

In Fort Lupton our beloved Denver Cereal characters face difficult life challenges with their usual grace, laughter, and loving support for each other. Fort Lupton is the eleventh installment of the Denver Cereal.

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Fort Morgan Cover

Fort Morgan

In Fort Morgan, they are forced to go as far as their love will take them. In some of the darkest chapters in Denver Cereal, the characters come face to face with the end of their life.For a moment, the light goes out of Denver Cereal. The power of Denver Cereal bursts forth. In the end, their love for each other takes them to the ends of the earth, and they save the day.

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Fort Collins Cover

Fort Collins

In Fort Collins, they must re-live their greatest horror to fight for justice. They’ve survived gang rape and physical assault. They’ve survived shootings, beatings, and psychological attacks designed to keep them from testifying. They persevered through every game and manipulation the court system can dish out.

Now, it’s time to testify.

Still healing from their grave injuries, everyone in Denver Cereal comes together to get through this new crisis. Sissy and Ivan take the tentative steps toward their love, and Nash runs into his own “dark arrow” soulmate love. Together, they confront crisis after crisis to bring about justice for themselves and those whose voices were silenced.

In Fort Collins, our beloved Denver Cereal characters face the demands of justice with their usual grace, laughter, and loving support for each other.

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Olney Springs Cover

Olney Springs

Olney Springs is a book about trials — the court drama to convict the serial gang rapist mastermind, the innocent desire to help the souls of lost children move on, and Jacob Marlowe’s desperate struggle to survive the despair implanted by the Sea of Amber. Through each trial, we see our beloved Denver Cereal characters band together to support each other. As always, the love they feel for each other resolves every trial.

Olney Springs is an action packed ride where fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make the world called Denver Cereal. Started in 2008, Denver Cereal is one of the longest serial fictions ever written and published.

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Manitou Springs Cover

Manitou Springs

In Manitou Springs, someone dares to ask the question: “What could possibly happen?” Of course, this is Denver Cereal where anything can and usually does happen. But first, Jacob returns home, with the help of Native American Shaman, from his spiritual adventure through the golden cabin and the Sea of Amber, but only after Sam, Valerie, and Blane destroy the Sea of Amber in a creative way that involved cartoon dwarves and root beer.

After two years of planning, everything is on track for the BIG wedding planned at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Finally, Honey, Jill, and Sandy are formally marrying M.J., Jacob, and Aden in an ancient ritual that involves lots of lace and much love. It’s a wedding, right? What could possible happen? Well, you won’t believe it if I told you now. Suffice it to say that a variety of Greek Goddesses show up to help out just in time for the wedding which ends up destroying the Cathedral roof.

Manitou Springs is Denver Cereal at its most weirdly fun, full of love, and filled with action where fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make the world called Denver Cereal. Started in 2008, Denver Cereal is one of the longest serial fictions ever written and published.

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Idaho Springs Cover

Idaho Springs

Sometimes the explanation is weirder than what actually happened. Idaho Springs is filled with fantastic, fun, and a little horrifying “reasons” things that happened. Some of the unremembered events of the wedding come into full view and they are more bizarre that you could imagine. But Sandy, Aden, Honey, and M.J. are on their honeymoons, right? Everything should be settling down.

But this is Denver Cereal. The next adventure is always just around the corner.

Just as Sissy reaches a crossroads with her recovery, Seth O’Malley’s personal mentor and demon dies. The Denver Cereal gang descend on New York City to help Seth bury his friend while Seth and his old friends get caught in a fifty year old mystery. Not to be cast aside, Aden’s ex-wife returns to cause trouble for Nash and Noelle.

Idaho Springs is Denver Cereal at its most weird fun, full of love, and filled with action where fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make the world called Denver Cereal. Started in 2008, Denver Cereal is one of the longest serial fictions ever written and published.

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Poncha Springs Cover

Poncha Springs

Everything is in motion in this volume of the beloved serial fiction, Denver Cereal. The past years of healing have left our friends in Denver Cereal ready to take real risks on new beginnings with characteristic craziness.

The birth of Valerie’s son causes everyone to speak gibberish. She is nearly ready to have her son when Mike learns that he might be the father of children by his sister Candy’s ex-partner Jazmyne. This leads them to address Valerie’s fans directly.

Heather and Tres; Blane and Nelson — things get going when an abuela arrives to kick them into action. Chet finally comes to live with Heather and Blane only to be foiled by the gay conversion center he was trapped in. His and Tink’s mother meets her end when she visits with Heather and Blane. Tink ricochets off all of this trauma to spend time with Sissy in New York City.

Of course, Sissy has been dancing at public ballet “parties.” These parties lead to wider interest in her talents. She is swept away to interview at the Opera de Paris and the Royal Ballet School. Secret forces keep her away from interviewing in Russia which causes Ivan to finally unburden himself.

Back in Denver, Abi starts collecting a team to deal with the Fire of Hell in Leadville and Sandy purchases a journal that will lead Nash and Teddy on an adventure in the near future.

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Hot Sulphur Springs Cover

Hot Sulphur Springs

When Abi says it’s time, Delphie leads a team to the Fire of Hell in Leadville. The prehistoric vent hole connects to the Marlowe Mine. Jacob takes Yvonne, Gilfand, and Abi down into this incredible mine.

While Delphie, Sam, and Maresol hold vigil above, Jacob and Yvonne fight a true monster and rescue a terrified child. In the meantime, they save the world only to be saved by their own actions.

Hot Sulphur Springs is one part action adventure and one part fantasy. Quirky characters appear to help out or annoy. Fairy Queens arrive just in time to throw temper tantrums. An Archangel appears when needed and three fairy envoys make a nusense of themselves.

Hot Sulphur Springs is quintessential Denver Cereal with great relationships and filled with action where fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make the world called Denver Cereal.

Glenwood Springs Cover

Glenwood Springs

Even if you save the world, there’s always some evil jerk you still have to deal with.

That’s what our Denver Cereal friends discover when they arrived at the Fire of Hell. Levi Johanssen is, finally, and summarily dealt with by Abi.

At the same time, Ivan moves to Paris where he finds Sissy thriving in the ballet world as well as personally. They begin to a new phase of their life together.

Blane and Nelson begin to explore a relationship together. Nelson brings with him an entire boatload of history including some that goes back to 12th century France. Nelson’s history and relatives threaten to kill everyone in Denver Cereal while they are on the Navajo Reservation digging water wells.

Heroes rise through the strength of the love shared between them.

Grand Junction Cover

Grand Junction

Grand Junction runs from the peaks of heartwarming romance to the valleys of desperate trauma all bound together in by the strong friendships and fierce love that is the hallmark of Denver Cereal. Since 2008, Denver Cereal has been sweet, crunchy, and addicting fiction published one chapter a week. This long running serial is available in the following books:

  • Volume 1 - The Denver Cereal
  • Volume 2 - Celia’s Puppies
  • Volume 3 - Cascade
  • Volume 4 - Cimarron
  • Volume 5 - Black Forest
  • Volume 6 - Fairplay
  • Volume 7 - Gold Hill
  • Volume 8 - Silt
  • Volume 9 - Larkspur
  • Volume 10 - Firestone
Grand Junction includes the entire collection. Grand Junction is available in eBook only.

Fort Garland Cover

Fort Garland

Fort Garland begins where Grand Junction left off. The story begins with a missing child and an injured dog and ends in the middle of a massive rape trial. Through it all, Denver Cereal characters continue clear, true to each other, and will to continue together. Denver Cereal began in June of 2008 and continues. Fort Garland contains Denver Cereal:

Volume 11 — Fort Lupton

Volume 12 — Fort Morgan

Volume 13 — Fort Collins

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Denver Cereal Collection

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