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Denver Cereal Series

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Sweet and Crunchy Fiction set in Denver

The Denver Cereal is a serial fiction set in Uptown Denver, Colorado. Here you’ll find good people trying their best to deal with the realistic problems of modern life. The characters are fictional and the place, businesses, and some of the people are real. We call it sweet and crunchy.

In the style of true serial fiction, Denver Cereal is published as it is written. Each week brings a new chapter of Denver Cereal. Full Chapters are posted here on Saturday.

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Recap of what’s happend so far and Character Summary.

The Denver Cereal Cover

The Denver Cereal is the first volume in the Denver Cereal series.

In the Denver Cereal, we meet Jillian Roper when she pulls on her thigh high leather boots and crashes her abusive ex-husband Trevor's engagement party. At the party, she meets the man of her dreams, Jacob Marlowe. Together, Jill and Jacob begin a crash course through grave injury and illness, to find love. Along the way, we meet Jacob's movie star sister, Valerie, and learn of her struggles to have her own dreams and share a life with her husband Mike. Jill's best friends, Sandy, Heather, and Tanesha, begin new courses in their life that take them to confront their greatest fears and deepest longings.

Celias Puppies Cover

Exciting, heart-warming, and always fun, Celia’s Puppies is the second installment of the Denver Cereal.

Jacob and Valerie's mother, Celia, had a habit of helping lost people, called Celia's Puppies. In this second Volume of the Denver Cereal, Celia's puppies come to the forefront. We meet Jacob's noble step-sister Honey, we learn more about Jacob's ëcousin' Blane, and, via Oprah Winfrey, Valerie learns of Mike's terrifying time away from her. In the middle, Trevor and his fiancÈ attempt to kidnap Jill's daughter Katy and her best friend Paddie at a holiday party. The fiancÈ all but kills Honey. She is saved by her childhood sweetheart and Special Forces medic MJ and they reorient their lives and love. Jill and Jacob dance around getting married and, in the very end, they marry in an incredibly beautiful ceremony which includes every member of the Denver Cereal family. Of course, Sandy, Heather and Tanesha support, love and take steps forward toward their own happily ever afters.


Cascade is the third installment of the Denver Cereal.

Peace comes to Denver Cereal, but demons from the past refuse to stay in the past. We learn of Sandy's horrific childhood and her boyfriend Aden responds with violence. His violent act ends with Sandy getting shot by her pedophile father and Aden lands in jail. Jill, her mother, and father tell the story that was to never ever be told and her family begins to heal. With the help of Heather, now his wife, Blane confronts his past loves and battles Hepatitis C. Beloved Delphie must confront a demon from her past. When he arrives to kill her and everyone else, he meets what he could never expect. Delphie's family battles for her. In the end, Jill bashes him with a hockey stick and Delphie survives a life threatening stroke.


Cimarron is the fourth installment of the Denver Cereal.

In Cimarron, the characters of Denver Cereal grapple with the consequences of their actions to restart their lives. Aden heals and continues his jail sentence. Delphie has to come to terms with almost dying to start her life again. Valerie performs in her first action adventure and launches herself as a movie actress while Mike's painting career flourishes. Jill and Jacob face their first true relationship challenge. Sandy holds everything together other to become gravely ill herself. Her child, Rachel, is born 2 months early. They fight their way through the problems to come together as a family. And just in time! Six pairs of human remains under the Castle Chapel draw everyone into a dark murder mystery.

Black Forest

Black Forest is the fifth installment of the Denver Cereal.

Skeletons entwined in the chapel and a simple admission, "I have this same Saint Jude Pendant," send the Denver Cereal into the wild pursuit of the child killer, Saint Jude. Danger lurks and evil's host threatens to destroy the lives of those we love. When all hope is gone, love and friendship shine like rays of light on a cloudy day. Ultimately, the bond between the women and children of the Denver Cereal triumphs over the killer and the evil that drives him.


Fairplay is the sixth installment of the Denver Cereal.

Why is life so unfair? Charlie's question permeates the Denver Cereal as his mother rejects her children to embrace her greed; Seth's greatest love falls to her death; Jill must fight to protect her own children while her in-laws attempt to take Katy; Blane's health deteriorates; and a true love, broken by betrayal, reignites for Tanesha. Through their individual losses, the friends and family embrace the wealth and power available within their circle.

Gold Hill



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